Best drone under £50 UK

A lot of people would like to get a expensive drone but just don’t have the money to buy one. Well the good news is you can buy a drone for under £50 in the UK then you can save up while you learn with your cheap drone.

Wether you are buying this drone for you as a beginner or for a family or friend your going to want to get the most value for your money. And that is why we have put this article together to help you find the best drone under £50 that is value for money.

Before we get into the top 5 drones that are less than 50 pound, there are going to be some drones here that are second hand drones. The reason that is, is because you can buy a more expensive one that comes into your budget because it is second hand.


The first drone up is the SYMA X5SW drone, with a pretty low definition camera at 2.0mp. But this drone does live feed video to your phone which is a great feature for a drone under 50.

Below are the syma x5sw specs:

  • 2.0mp camera
  • real time video
  • comes with 5 batteries
  • Headless mode, flips

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With a price that is at way under £50 you really can’t go wrong with this small drone. This many great features, this one would be ideal for someone that is new to drones. Nice and small drone so this won’t intimidate anyone, and is for people 8+ .

Below are the SYMA x22w Specs:

  • Altitude Hold Mode, Headless Mode auto take off and landing
  • Real-time video Transmission to your phone

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The hubsan h107c quadcopter has the 6-axis flight control system, to make it more stable when flying. Although cheap drones do not handle wind very well so bear that in mind when buying one.

Below are the Hubsan Specs:

  • 0.3 MP video recording
  • 360° flips &rolls
  • 7 minutes flight time

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Foldable JXD 523

This Foldable JXD 523 is great great drone for travelling or going on long walks with your family. Small and compact you can just fold the arms in and throw it in with your luggage. Control the drone using your mobile phone or tablet.

Below are the JDX 523 Specs:

  • Flight distance 50 meters
  • real time video feed to your phone
  • 7 minutes flight time
  • Headless mode, return to home,  altitude hold

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Another foldable quadcopter by Visuo, this one looks similar to another more expensive drone. But don’t mistake this for the expensive one as you can buy this for under £50 if your from the UK.

Below are the Visuo XS809HW Specs:

  • Comes with 3 batteries
  • 10 minute flight time
  • Does flips
  • Headless mode, return to home
  • 2MP camera


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Conclusion: If your looking to buy the best drone under £50 UK, then the ones above that we have listed are some of the best seller’s for around that price. If you have a bigger budget the i suggest you take a look at our other post ” Drones under £200” they have more and better features.

If your just looking for drone to mess around with, or to learn with before buying a better one then these drone would be great for learning. Picking the right one really depends on what you want the drone for.