Best gifts for drone lovers UK – Article

Buying a gift for someone that interested in hobbies that are not related to your own, can be difficult at times. And that is why, we have put together this article about gifts for drone pilots that love drones. To help you find that perfect christmas or birthday gift for the drone enthusiast.

We are going to cover all bases in this article, including small budgets and bigger budgets, drone gifts for dads and many other’s. Hopefully this ultimate drone gift guide will help you decide what to buy your friend or loved one.

T-Shirt for a Drone Pilot

There are many different t shirts for drone enthusiasts you can find here, you’ll just have to pick out the one you like for the person you are  buying for. Although t shirts are not a unique gift idea, they are fairly cheap and it will more than likely get used.

The best selling drone t shirt is the one above, a simple, good design and not over the top anyone who is a drone enthusiast will love this.

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High viz

This one is a good one, as it’s great to wear for safety, so people know what your doing and hopefully don’t get in your way. And it makes who ever is wearing it look professional, wether they wear it for personal or business use this will be perfect for them.

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Dronepilot hat

Another great idea wether its a drone gift for dad or a friend, if they already enjoy wearing hats, they will love this one. Also great for the summer time keep the sun out of there eyes when flying their drone. 

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Drone On And On Mug

This gift will suit tea or coffee drinkers more than anything, but you can use mugs for any type of drink if your not fussy. As you can see from the picture this is a funny looking picture, Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

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Drone Landing Pad

Probably something they won’t have as part of their kit is a landing pad, if they really love there drone they will be happy to see one of these. Great for places with rough ground such as long grass and gravel, to help with taking off and landing. Will help stop dust getting over the drone and makes it easier to land.

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LCD Wind Speed Meter

Great and unique idea for drone lovers is a wind speed checker, check the current wind speed before they go out and fly the drone. As some drones are not very good in higher winds this monitor also check temperature

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Waterprof Backpack Case

This bag is specifically made to contain a DJI Phathom 4 drone, if the person you are buying a gift for does not own one. There might be other waterproof backpacks on the market, they are great for people that travel a lot. If you have a smaller drone than the phantom 4 then obvious it will fit in so before you buy check what drone they own.

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MicroSD for drone footage

You can never go wrong buying a microSD card for a drone user, wether they already have one or not. It’s a good idea to have a spare one so I’m sure whoever is receiving the gift from you will appreciate it.

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Buying any of the above items for someone, that owns a drone would be more than happy to get them from you as they are all useable. If none are of interest to you or you think your friend or loved one won’t like them. Then the best thing to to is find out what drone they have and buy them some spares for it such as propellers.

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