Best mini drone with camera UK

When looking into buying mini drones with cameras in the uk, you need to know that most small drones are only for playing around with and are not for professional pictures or long distance flying. So if your someone that need a drone with a good camera and long flight distance check out Best gps drone under £300.

If you just want a drone to fly around the house or down your local field and don’t care about distance, camera and other techyy things and you are looking for the best mini drones with camera UK then scroll down and check out the drones we have found to be the best.


The first one in our list of the best mini drones is the drocon hacker drone, not the smallest on the list but is pretty small quadcopter. A fun drone to play with for children or beginner pilots wether your buying this drone for a birthday or christmas this would make a great gift for someone.

This mini drone has a 720p HD camera for great looking pictures, headless mode which is suppose to make it easier to fly. Also this Drocon Hacker drone does flips in any direction which makes this a fun drone to play with.

With 3 different speed settings, slow medium and fast is a great feature to have so you can learn on the lowest speed first, so you can learn to fly.

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Khyanna Nano Quadcopter

This Khyanna super Mini Quadcopter maybe one of the smallest drone of the list but is just as good as any other on the list, so don’t dismiss this one. This drone also does stunt flips which is kinda fun, i wouldn’t recommend flying this outside when it’s windy because of it’s size it will just drift away.

With a built in 0.3MP camera you can have fun taking pictures but don’t expect high quality ones. distance is only 20 meters but with a small drone like this you don’t need much distance. Flight time is 5 minutes so you can have a bit of fun before you need to charge up again.

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Another mini drone we have found is the Eachine E010 mini drone, a great looking exterior with some cool features. This small drone can do flips the same as the others, has headless mode and a charge time of 30-50 minutes and 5 minutes flight time.

The quadcopter comes with spare propellers, small charger, remote, drone and user manual. This one is a good seller with many many reviews from users of this product.

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DROCON Scouter 

My personal favourite and the best mini drone with a camera is the DROCON Scouter that is Foldable and compact. For the price this is a amazing looking drone is great piece if kit, you can fold the mini drones arms and it fits inside of the remote.

This one can be for beginners or kids if you break it, it can be replaced quickly because of the small price. This drone features all the main features that the previous drone’s such as Altitude hold, headless mode, auto take off and landing.

When you charge this drone for 40 to 60 minutes you get around 5 – 7 minutes flight time, depending on the conditions the drone is flown in. The drone does not come with a camera but i had to add it to the list as this drone is great for the price.

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If your not worried about a camera and just want a cheap drone to mess around with check out drone’s under £50 UK or if you did want the best mini drone with a camera and your from the UK then the above drone’s with suit you and your need’s. Small drone are mostly bought as gifts, for beginner pilots and for playing with indoors with you can fly these mini drones outside but don’t expect them to perform well with the wind.