Best racing drones for beginners

So, you have decided that you want a racing drone but you don’t know which one you want. In this article, we help you find the best racing drones for beginners.

If you have not flown a drone at all, then maybe it’s best that you practice with a cheap drone first. Just to see if you like flying drones, and if you crash it your not going to be out of pocket by much.



Why we love it: Now if your looking for cheap racing drones, then your into the wrong hobby as drones can go into the thousands. This is one of the cheapest racing drones, ideal for beginner racing pilots.


  • Cheap
  • HD Camera
  • FPV LCD Goggles


  • Flight Time: 6-8 mins
  • No memory card included

Being the cheapest one on the list don’t mean it’s crap, it just means features may be limited, such as less battery time or slower speed. This is what you should expect if you only have a small budget for a racing drone.

I would say this best racing drones for beginners because it’s comes with everything you need to get started flying and not at a bad price.


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eachine wizard x220

Eachine wizard x220

Why we love it: This drone is a very popular drone selling a lot of them not only by there great design, but also by the great price. These racing drones are sold and shipped from the UK, so you will not be waiting weeks for it to arrive.


  • Price
  • 10 Spare set of propellers


  • None

When buying one of these Eachine wizard x220 racing drones just check that it comes with the battery and remote, as some are sold without.


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X-Speed 250B

ARRIS X-Speed 250B

Why we love it: This is a mid priced drone just like the one above, that also comes with a remote. The ARRIS X-Speed has 4mm thickness arms, so there not so easy to break.


  • Brushless motors
  • Bright LED’s


  • 10 minutes in the air


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Hubsan H123D

Why we love it: To make sure your pictures and video are perfect it has a 5.8g Image transmission. Which is great as you can fly with more accuracy, and hopefully less crashes.

Made from carbon fibre which is a lot stronger than the racing drones made from plastic.


  • Flight time: 10 mins
  • Brushless motor
  • 3D Flip, Expert mode

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LHI 250 Quadrocopter

Why we love it: This racing drones for beginners is already assembled and ready to fly. All you need to buy is a battery that the company recommends 11.5v 35c 1500mah battery.

The sellers of this drone say The drone is really easy to fly, maintain and it is very powerful. The only downside is that it don’t have a camera installed, but it does support a camera.


  • Ultralight carbon fibre frame
  • quality brushless motors

Check Reviews, current price on Amazon


What to look for when buying a racing drone for a beginner

Price of the quadcopter

There are hundreds of different drones and quadcopter’s on the market, with prices ranging from £20 to £4000. And if your new and just starting to fly these then it’s better to start of with a drone that is cheap but not to cheap.

If you start of with one that is £20 the overall quality will be poor quality. And will be harder to control than a more expensive one, so don’t buy one just because it is cheap.


Before buying any quadcopter wether its a racing one or not, your should check customers review’s. As some drones can not cope with wind conditions.


Important part, when doing your research you should be looking for a all-rounder. Meaning well made, good handling, does it have a camera, does it come with a remote and of course a decent price.

Some racing quadcopter’s do not come with everything you need, some require you to buy batteries or remotes.


Quadcopter prices go into the thousands, and you should not be thinking about buying one of them if you have never flown one. Buying and learning to fly a racing quadcopter can seem daunting, but with sites such as youtube making things easier.

We have provided you with a list, that will help you decide on a racing drone for beginners. A good things about these is that you can always change the part’s as you get more experienced with flying.

Have you purchased yours YET?