Best value for money drone UK

When buying most products wether its a drone or not, we tend to look for the best value for money, in this case it’s a drone. When your looking at buying a drone and your looking for value for money there are many things to look at.

Such as how well the drone is built, the software on the drone, price range and many other factors. Finding the right drone can be difficult, as your more than likely to be a beginner or purchasing your second or third drone and not sure what  to look for.

In this best value for money article we are going to show you the drones we have found that gives you the most for your money. We are going to covers what features the drone have, what products they comes with and flight times.

Best value for money drones UK

DJI Spark Drone – Our winner

We have mentioned the DJI spark many other times on this website, and that is for a good reason “because we love it”. This drones is great for most drone operators because it’s easy to fly, has a great 12MP camera with a gimbal, and does 31MPH inspirit mode. So whatever you want to use the spark for it can more than likely do it.

This drone is not the most expensive and not the cheapest by any means, but it is at the mid price range for the average consumer. So it is available for most people that are willing to invest in a decent drone.

See the full review: DJI spark Review


  • The size of the drone is small and weighs 300g
  • Sensors that help stop you from crashing “not in sport mode”
  • Return to home, follow me mode,
  • Flight distance – 1-1.2 miles with remote


  • Complicated set-up process
  • Flight time 14-15 minutes

This DJI spark is a great drone if your using it to make video’s for youtube, family video’s or just love taking pictures. You can buy these drones at a great price, but make sure you buy one with a remote. I recommend buying the fly more package as you get a lot more for your money.


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DJI phantom 3 Standard

Before you think that all the drones on this list are going to be from DJI, they are not this Phantom 3 standard deserves to be here. By being well priced this has been available to a lot of people with the right budget, and the drone most people go for when buying a drone.

This is the drone people go to once they have learned to fly a cheaper one, Many reasons for buying this phantom 3 standard include: flight time, camera battery life ETC.


  • 12 Megapixel camera and 2.7K video
  • 3-axis gimbal for steady footage
  • 25 minute flight time


  • Big and bulky, loud

With many features such as return to home, auto hover, live GPS and many others, this drone is great for someone stepping up there game moving onto bigger and better drones. Also not to complicated to fly for the beginner pilot if your interested in buying this phantom 3 standard check the link below.


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Although you may not of heard of the zero tech Dobby selfie drone this is a great contender to be on this list as for its price it is packed with features. Which includes it’s 4K HD Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal for the price you can not go wrong. 

This zero tech dobby drone is marketed as a selfie drone, although that’s what it is you can take some great looking pictures with it. And you can use your smart phone to fly it so it’s not just a selfie drone.


  • 13MP camera
  • small and compact foldable arms
  • cheaper than the previous drones


  • 9 minutes flight time
  • Around 300ft flight distance “from research”

Although this Dobby selfie drone do not have some of the features the other ones above have this is a great drone for the price, and great drone for vacations or family time.


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MJX Bugs Drone

This unique looking MJX Bugs drone makes it on to the our list of the best value for money drone article because for it’s cheap price your getting a lot for your money. Your not getting as much for your money as the previous drones but this drone is worth taking a look at.


  • 1080P HD Camera

  • Altitude Hold, Return to home

  • Upton 20 minutes flight time


  • GPS has to be calibrated each time “customer experience”

Although this MJX drone is not a top end drone by any means your looking for value for money drones and that is what this one is. Many features that most of the top drones has but at a cheaper price.


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When looking for the best value for money drone there are many things to consider such as price range, features wanted etc. This article is not specific to any such price range so if needed check the price if you like what you see.

You should always remember that there are laws and rules related to drones in most countries. You should check the rules where you live when you purchase your drone, if your from the UK and not familiar with rules and regulations take a look at the Dronecode.

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