Cheap drones with gopro mount

Looking for a cheap drone that is equipped with gopro mounts? Then look no further as we have listed cheap drones with gopro mount. With details of every product listed, so you know everything about it before you buy.

Looking for drones that can carry gopro ?

DROCON Monster quadcopter

Why we love it: The cheapest one on the list that supports the use of GoPro camera. Has great distance and flying time and powerful brushless motors that won’t over heat.


  • 15-20 minutes flight time
  • 300 meters flying distance
  • Brushless motors
  • Great price for what it can do


You can flying this Drocon drone over 1000feet and use for around the 15 minute mark, so lots of fun flying time. Also equipped with 2 failsafe alarms one for low power and a weak signal alarm so you can be in control at all times.

This drone is powerful enough to fly in high winds, so you can fly in high speed winds if you are brave enough. It also does the usual rolls & flips at the press of the button. The company selling it offers life time technical support.

Has two speed settings, which if your a beginner you should be using the low speed setting then move to the quicker setting once you’ve learned to fly. With over 100 reviews there is a lot of feedback on this drone to look through if wanted.

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Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone

Why we love it: Compatible with GoPro 2/3/4, real time live video. 1080p HD Camera with memory card, That could be used as a back up camera.


  • HD live video camera
  • GPS return to home
  • Follow me mode
  • brushless motors
  • 5G Wifi Transmission
  • Flight time 16-20 mins

Although not the cheapest drone thats compatible with the GoPro camera, it’s better than the previous one. And sometimes we have to compromise to get what we wan’t, which you might have to do with this drone.

This one is fully equipped with the best features. Including GPS location, meaning the drone can hover in one place and return to the take off point if either the battery is low or signal is lost. You can get it to follow you and take pictures if you wish, or get it to fly round in circles.

Set up a custom flight path by drawing a route on the App and send the drone on it’s way. Although you get 16-20 minutes flight time, you do have to charge it for 5-7 hours.

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The first drone we listed is for if you are on a budget, and the second is if you have a bit more money to spend on one. No matter which one you get you won’t be disappointed with the features they have to offer.

As GoPros are fairly expensive i would advise you check all the reviews of the product and see what people have to say about them. What better time than the summer to fly drones that can carry gopro.

You can buy drone’s these days with camera’s already attached and some are just as good if not better than a GoPro camera.

Have you picked which drone are you going to buy?