What drone is best for you

How to pick the the right drone for you?

When buying your first drone or quadcopter you need to be picking the right drone for you and your need’s. Wether that’s just having fun in the garden with your family, using for holidays or taking amazing pictures. There’s drone for all user’s, wether your on a tight budget or your just fussy.

How much should i spend on a drone?

Picking the right drone for you will also come down to price because you can not buy a £1200 drone with a budget of £300. If you find a drone with the camera you want or features that you want then make sure you search around different retailers to find the best price before making your purchase.

If you are a beginner pilot then i would recommend buy a cheap drone first, just to learn how a drone operates and if drone flying is for you.

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Check the flight time

Flight times on drones range from 4 minutes on small cheap drones up to 27 minutes on more expensive drones. Flight time on a drone is an important feature to check when buying, unless your willing to buy a few spare batteries and don’t mind changing them all the time.

If your going to be flying a good distance to take a picture or video of something then your going to need a longer flight time. And if the drone you buy has return-to-home feature, then the drone will start return to home after half of the battery has been used.

Find the best camera

If your not going to be taking picture’s and just want bolt around you local field going as fast as you can, then your not going to be worried about drone with cameras. Most cheap drone’s has crappy camera’s so beware of that if you buy one.

You can buy a drone with a 0.3 megapixel or one with 12MP so if you do want it for taking photos or video’s then be sure to check what camera it has onboard.

Does it have GPS

Important feature of the drone, if your drone don’t have this then it’s more than likely that it will sway with the wind making it hard to control. Make sure you have built in GPS for a more controlled and steady flight.

With GPS your drone will always correct itself when blown by the wind and tries to stay in the same location.

Return to home feature

The return-to-home feature is self explanatory if your flying far away and worried about flying it back then just hit the button and it starts making it’s way home.

Or if your flying long distance and and the signal from your drone disconnects from the remote then it should Auto return to home check your manual to see if it auto or not.

Follow me mode

Another great feature that comes with most drones is follow me mode, now with the cheap drone’s under £50 some say they have it but on the ones i have had that feature do not work.

So if you think you would want something like follow me mode on your drone, check out some youtube videos about the drone you want to see if the features work. Then you no you won’t be wasting money for something that don’t work.

Headless mode

This mode is to help with beginner pilots, when active you can fly forward backwards left or right a lot easier, and you don’t have to worry about which direction the drone is pointing in.

Obstacle avoidance

Another feature that is mostly on the more expensive drones, good to have if your worried about crashing. Obstacle avoidance works different on different drone’s but it can save you money if your not a very good drone pilot.

On some drones you have to activate it, then when you come close to an object the drone with either just stop right in front of it or manoeuvre around the object.


If your spending your hard earned cash on a drone, wether expensive or not you should always check the specs of the drone. Then check places like youtube, forums or product reviews to see if the features actually work. It seems to be the cheaper drones that promise a lot features and do not work.

Remember to check around for prices to get yourself the best deal for your drone as most places sell the same product for different prices, and many places have sales on.

Good Luck On Your Drone Hunt.